Products and Services


Our certified practitioners use only the best prosthetic and orthotic technology for your custom artificial limb or orthopedic brace to ensure the best possible outcome. In an environment that is all about you and helping you achieve your rehabilitation goals, we use nothing less than the highest quality products. The practitioners at Anderson O&P use the following prosthetic and orthotic products:

  • C-Leg, Rheo-knee and other microprocessor-controlled prosthetic leg systems for high activity transfemoral amputees.
  • I-Limb and SensorHand Speed microprocessor-controlled hands
  • Dynamic Arm microprocessor-controlled elbow
  • Proprio Foot microprocessor-controlled foot/ankle
  • Harmony, e-pulse and limb logic vacuum assisted suspension systems used to hold the prosthesis in place on the residual limb
  • M.A.S. transfemoral socket for transfemoral amputees
  • SureStep pediatric bracing
  • S.W.A.S.H. pediatric hip orthosis
  • Cascade DAFO pediatric bracing
  • And a continually increasing list of other advanced prosthetic components including carbon graphite feet, hydraulic knees, ultra-light weight designs and sports prostheses.


Anderson Orthotics & Prosthetics also offers other specialty services including post-mastectomy forms and bras, as well as diabetic footwear. All of our services include free evaluations, with prompt fabrication and delivery.

We also realize that we are only part of your total healthcare team. Therefore, we coordinate our services with your physicians, therapists and other healthcare providers. If you have a need for any of our services, and want an experience that is catered to meet your prosthetic or orthotic rehabilitation goals, contact us today.

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